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Reflections of a Second-career Math Teacher

Having just watched The Hunger Games with my two boys earlier today, Effie Trinket’s Capitol slogan, “May the odds be EVER in your favor,” struck me as the perfect tag line for Arne Duncan’s NCLB waivers, officially known as ESEA Flexibility.  The irony in the line applies equally well to public education as it does to the unfortunate tributes in the movie, with the odds stacked against both sets of players by the heavy-hand of those living in a Capitol city.

Other parallels exist between the young adult screenplay and Duncan’s Race to the Top (RTTT).  Consider tributes from the twelve districts in Panem battling against other tributes for survival in a government controlled arena.  In a not so violent, but equally damaging way, NCLB with its Annual Yearly Progress (AYP) mandate forces a ranking, and potential closing, or other significant disruption, to schools and their districts across America…

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