Yankee Doodle Came to Class

On Friday, an actor/storyteller who performs in Colonial garb visited our class to recount some of the history surrounding the American Revolution. I wasn’t there for the visit but returned to my room for the tail end of it. I had been worried he and the teacher who had been there were going to tell me how difficult the class had been, which has a tendency to happen when substitutes or visitors realize the class are mostly beginner and intermediate ELLs who don’t sit still if you just lecture in English for more than two minutes. Instead, I came back and heard one of my fourth graders ask, “Why did the French want to help the Colonists win the war?”

I was so impressed; I have been teaching questioning, cause and effect, and character motivation for weeks now with random success and here he goes and encapsulates it all in one marvelous question. Not to mention the wonderful sentence structure 🙂

And as they were lining up, ready to go home, they began singing Yankee Doodle Dandy, a totally new song for each of them!


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