Mobile Math Word Wall — watch it grow!

In the spirit of sharing, I thought I would post pictures of how I adapted the math tip shared at our school that Mr. Ray shares here on his blog. The suggestion was to put unit vocabulary words on a sentence strip or yard stick that can be walked around with, shared, kept close and accessible, etc.

The one in the photo below is for the fourth and fifth grade unit on fractions. I also gave the kids a sheet to paste into their books for when they write about math.

I include visuals, numbers, and words, so students can relate and apply what they see when they read the math. I hang it in the meeting area at their eye level so it is easy for them to reference.

It is a growing word “wall”, so with each new lesson, I add a new word since my ELLs would get easily overwhelmed if I just threw all of these at them at once. Today I added “simplifying/simplest form” (not pictured), with the division symbol on it.



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