Questions for A Baby’s Mother

Here is the letter from a colleague my previous post was responding to; the full text can also be found on his blog.

Dear Ms. Mac,

This is your first full year of balancing your career as a teacher and your career as a mom. From what I’ve seen, new moms always seem to struggle to get back into the swing of the teaching thing when their precious few weeks at home with Baby are through.

Yet you seem to be keeping it together. How? How do you balance lesson plans with dirty diapers? How do you balance paperwork with feeding time? How do you manage to blog, sleep, or relax? I have no family obligations and find the duties of my work, so many of them done from home, to be time consuming and necessitating full attention to be done well.

No doubt your little pumpkin has changed and enriched your life more than you ever dreamed. But, not seeing your classroom on a daily basis, I have to wonder if you remain the amazing teacher you were before Baby arrived. Are you perhaps a better teacher now because your outlook has changed? Or are you not the teacher you were because the human mind and body have limits and so does the length of a day?

From a distance, you seem to be making it all happen. Please enlighten me further so I can better appreciate what it’s like for you.

I hope you’ll write back soon.

Mr. Ray


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