Welcome, Parents

On Wednesday, one of my students, “Jacob”, had a big surprise at lunch time: his father had just gotten out of jail and had come to school to say hi before having to return to his halfway house. Jacob often looks sad in class, and I always assumed it was because of all the medication he is on. He is sweet, focused, helpful, and an amazing artist for his age, despite all of that. But never had I seen him smile like he did when he introduced me to his father. So, it made me decide that I will send out an invitation to parents to come during Math or Readers or Writers workshop, to see what their child is learning and to give their child a chance to “show off” in a place where they get to be special and appreciated in ways their parents don’t otherwise get to see. It may not get an overwhelming response, since the parent volunteer letter didn’t seem to go over well, but it’s at least another way to show parents they are welcome in our space.


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