Cue Light Bulb!

Today I had one of those conversations that leave you feeling overwhelmed yet so inspired because you have a sense of validation or a million new ideas in your head that you want to do RIGHT NOW. And, even better, I had the conversation with my new supervisor. I can tell she will be tough — in many ways it will feel like it is my first year in the classroom — but I’m excited about it because I can see she is driven, and a hard worker herself, and respectful of the creative independence teachers need.

There has been a rumor circulating that the administrators will be observing teachers more frequently — like 6 times instead of 2 — which she confirmed, adding that they will be informal observations for tenured teachers until a formal one appears warranted.

Given the current educational climate, a part of me did cringe. But I after looking into the Danielson Framework website (what inspires the new approach), I’m feeling encouraged. Although it’s as barren as It could be and still be called a website, it talks about. “collaborative reflective” approach to observations which is what I have often argued for in the past. If done correctly, more frequent observations could allow for more problem solving approaches to issues in the classroom and help tenured teachers improve with less fear of the formal observation. It runs the risk of putting teachers on edge, making them feel like someone is out to get them, but in the right environment, I could see it doing a lot of good and helping teachers perhaps see their work in a new light.

So, of course, knowing I prefer being “caught” doing something good, as I like to do with my students, I left her buzzing with all the million things I need to do and want to try for this new year.

And i was so into talking to her that I left about an hour later than I’d intended. So, I was sitting on the train when the alarm on my phone went off reminding me of my other new goal: an earlier bedtime routine for my daughter.

*sigh* and the light bulb grows a little dimmer as I now think about how I’m supposed to find time for all these things. My life happens always with everything occurring at the same moment. I think my watch is conspiring against my mental bursts of inspiration.


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